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Applying for Graduation, Undergraduate Students

Type: Enrollment
Effective Date: 1/5/2021

Undergraduate graduation is the process by which the Office of the Registrar verifies a student has met all of their degree requirements for their declared academic major and/or stand-alone certificate.  If all requirements are satisfied, a student will earn their diploma and their degree will be posted to their official transcript. 

All undergraduate students who wish to graduate from Northern Arizona University must file an application for graduation by accessing the online application from the Office of the Registrar webpage.  A graduation fee will be applied to the student account by the Office of the Registrar.   

The purpose of this application process is to verify a student intends to graduate and would like their student record to be included in the audit of degree requirements for graduation. 

Applying for graduation does not guarantee the student has met all their degree requirements.  It is recommended students begin assessing their degree requirements for graduation at 90 units, which includes both completed and in-progress units.  Beginning the graduation application process early is in the student’s best interest as it can alert them to any unanticipated requirements with enough time to complete them before or during their final term.

Recommended student steps in assessing degree requirements for graduation: 

  • Meet with their academic advisor to determine what major, minor, and other degree requirements remain to be completed.
  • Map a course progression to complete remaining requirements.
  • Apply for graduation as soon the student has mapped out their plan for completing their remaining NAU requirements and one term is remaining to completion.
  • A student should apply for graduation at least one term prior to their desired term of graduation.

The following items are required to graduate:

  • All academic requirements must be met in the student’s Academic Advisement Report in LOUIE.
  • Students should monitor their Academic Advisement Report and their NAU email account until their degree is posted and their diploma has been received.
  • A degree is awarded based on completed requirements only.
  • Official transcripts from all other institutions the student has attended must be received and evaluated by NAU Admissions.

If a student is pursuing a post-baccalaureate degree, stand-alone certificate or pursuing a specialized program with additional steps to graduation, the following materials may be required:

  • A graduation requirements checklist is required to be completed and submitted to the department of the student’s major or certificate.
  • Other materials that may be required by the department of the student’s major.

Graduation Term:

  • All students choose a graduation term.  A student’s graduation term is required to match the final term in which the student is completing coursework that will satisfy remaining degree requirements.
  • If the student will not be earning their degree, they will be required to change their graduation term.
  • If the student will be earning their degree, but the student would like to pursue another degree or continue enrollment for self-enrichment the student will be required to reapply to NAU. Enrollment is not permitted after the chosen Graduation Term without reapplying to NAU.
  • Graduation Term corresponds to the date a degree/diploma is earned.  The date a degree/diploma is earned is called the conferral date.  The conferral date is listed on the transcript and diploma.  

Graduation Dates:  

  • Recommended date to apply for Graduation - The student applying for graduation will have their name printed in the Commencement Booklet. If any unforeseen problems arise with graduation this date provides more time for the student to take corrective action.
  • Commencement Booklet deadline. 
    • Winter term graduates that apply for graduation prior to the fall commencement booklet deadline will have their name printed in the fall commencement booklet.
    • Summer term graduates that apply for graduation prior to the spring commencement booklet deadline will have their name printed in the spring commencement booklet.
  • Graduation Application Close Date - Final date a student can apply for graduation for any given term. 
  • Graduation Term Close - Final date graduation applications are reviewed for a specific graduation term.  If a student has not met their graduation requirements by this date, and has not contacted the Office of the Registrar, the graduation application will be denied and the student will need to reapply for graduation.

If the student fails to submit their application for graduation by the deadline the student will need to apply for a later graduation term.

Please be aware that participating in commencement does NOT guarantee the student has met their degree requirements or earned a diploma.

Before students can receive their diploma or transcripts, students must clear any indebtedness to Northern Arizona University. Students should check their NAU LOUIE account to ensure there are no "holds" on their student accounts. 

Please note, after a student earns the degree, the student record in which the degree was awarded is final and changes to a degree cannot be made retroactively to include:

  • Additional degrees, certificates, or minors cannot be awarded to the student record 
  • Grade point average cannot be changed by following the grade replacement policy and completing additional NAU coursework after the degree has posted.
Fees may apply. See Registrar's Office for current fees.
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