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Diversity Requirements

Type: University Requirements
Effective Date: 9/24/2013

Diversity Requirements

Ethnic and Global Diversity Requirements

All students seeking their first baccalaureate degree from Northern Arizona University, who graduate under the provisions of the 2005-2006 NAU Undergraduate Catalog and subsequent catalogs, must take:

  • 3 units of coursework that meet the criteria for the U.S. Ethnic Diversity requirement.
  • 3 units of coursework that meet the criteria for the Global Diversity requirement.

Purpose of the Diversity Requirements

The study of U.S. Ethnic and Global Diversity introduces students to diverse perspectives from the United States and across the globe.  Students increase their awareness of the historical, political, economic, environmental, and cultural traditions and experiences that have been overlooked or excluded by majority cultures in the U.S. or the world. Viewing societies from overlooked perspectives helps students to develop a deeper respect for and understanding of current social interactions between communities and nations.

Make sure to choose classes from the approved list of ethnic and global diversity approved courses with the help of an academic adviser. These requirements may be fulfilled in any part of the student's program of study.

More information on the purpose and learning outcomes of U.S. Ethnic and Global Diversity requirements.

Diversity Substitution

Request to substitute a transfer course for a diversity course. (Form must be completed by NAU advisor.)

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